Princess feet worshipped by the bitch 1
Princess feet worshipped by the bitch 2

Stupid bitch is licking my feet clean, I spit in her ugly face and mouth, that is all girls like her deserve!

Me worshipping Baras feet

2020-10-10Nikki12:03 minutesFemdom, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
Me worshipping Baras feet 1
Me worshipping Baras feet 2

Princess Bara puts her feet on my brests while I lay down under her! I start to smell her feet first, then I lick them clean first the soles and then all the toes, toe by toe.

Princess Smileys feet again

2020-10-10Nikki and Smiley9:46 minutesFemdom, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
Princess Smileys feet again 1
Princess Smileys feet again 2

Remember the clip with me worshipping Princess Smileys feet? Well I wanted to do it again! First she puts her girlie socks into my mouth and then I worshipped her beautiful feet with passion!

My feet worshippen by Smiley

2020-10-10Nikki and Smiley10:00 minutesFemdom, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
My feet worshippen by Smiley 1
My feet worshippen by Smiley 2

I am working on my laptop answering some stupid e-mails from my fans while Princess Smiley is worshipping my yummy feet. It is a little ticklish but all in all very nice and warm.

Foot lick and bite

2020-10-10Nikki and Smiley8:44 minutesFemdom, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
Foot lick and bite 1
Foot lick and bite 2

Me and Princess Smiley we love to lick and bite each other feet! I can take her feet deep in my mouth like big cock ... so funny!

Licking Princess Rachel Feet 1
Licking Princess Rachel Feet 2

Not a big story in this clip, it's just me and Lady morgan Moon we became hot for the feet of Princess Rachel Evans and started to lick them clean. I think you can see how much pleasure I have worshipping so beautiful girls like Rachel Evans!

Toe by toe worship

2020-10-10Morgan Moon, Nikki, and Rachel Evans13:29 minutesFemdom, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
Toe by toe worship 1
Toe by toe worship 2

After little teasing on the billiard table the girls have to worship my feet toe by toe ... suck my toes like a small penis of your boyfriend bitch :) I know you prefer something bigger in your mouth, no problem I will fuck you with my whole feet ... and don't forget to lick my soles clean submissive bitches!

Foot party

2020-10-10Morgan Moon, Nikki, and Rachel Evans11:20 minutesFoot Fetish, Lesbian, Tickling
Foot party 1
Foot party 2

It is so much fun to play with girls feet. Me, Princess Rachel and Lady Morgan tickle and bite each others feet, we lick the soles and every toe one by one! I don't understand why some bitches wanna lick something so disgusting like mans cock insteed of girls toes? Some girls are strange!