Biting beauties

2020-10-16Nikki and Rachel Evans15:50 minutesAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Biting beauties 1
Biting beauties 2

Me and Rachel we are so crazy chicks, normal sex is not enough for us, we always wanna try something new. We spoke the evenig before about biting, and now here we are. We bite each other everywhere on our beautiful bodies! At the end we behave like two wild !

Rachels spit and ass all for me

2020-10-13Nikki and Rachel Evans18:41 minutesAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Rachels spit and ass all for me 1
Rachels spit and ass all for me 2

Rachel Evans is so hot and I am always so horny when I shoot a lesbian clip with her. I use a mini vibrator on my clit while she is spitting in my face and mouth. Her spit tests so yummy and it makes me so horny because it is so dirty and humiliating. Then I wanna test also her asshole again, I put my tongue deep inside her asshole and play with my mini vibrator at the same time! Rachels ass is the best :)

Baras ass my banana paradise

2020-10-10Nikki19:01 minutesAsses, Face Sitting, Food Sex
Baras ass my banana paradise 1
Baras ass my banana paradise 2

O.k. I really enjoyed her spit and feet but now it is time for my favorite part of her body :) her ASS!!!!! Bara gives me some facesitting in her sexy jeans shorts first, and then she puts them down and I start to lick her perfect ass. Sure I do it my way the tongue deep inside her asshole :))). Then I take a banana, let her chew it, she puts it at her asshole and I eat it up! Ha ha how perverted I am?

Me worshipping Princess Amiras sexy ass

2020-10-10Amira Andara and Nikki15:51 minutesAsses, Femdom, Lesbian
Me worshipping Princess Amiras sexy ass 1
Me worshipping Princess Amiras sexy ass 2

Princess Amira is such a sexy chick I love to put my tongue deep in her shi..tty asshole :) I am sure you would love to be in my place :)

Princess Amiras revenge

2020-10-10Amira Andara and Nikki11:02 minutesAsses, Femdom, Lesbian
Princess Amiras revenge 1
Princess Amiras revenge 2

You maybe saw the revenge of Cindy Hope, so you know, when I licked a girl once, they lost all control and give it back to me without any selfcontrol. Princess Amira puts her tongue deep into my Princess asshole licking all my dirt! So yummy!

Cindy Hope worship of a big yummy ass

2020-10-10Nikki22:47 minutesAsses, Femdom, Lesbian
Cindy Hope worship of a big yummy ass 1
Cindy Hope worship of a big yummy ass 2

I was so horny for this girl for so long time ... saw her on internet having sex with other girls, really made me wet :) well I organized her phone number and called her. Here she is with her yummy big ass! WOW! I stick my tongue deep inside both of her holes like only I can do and gave her a long intensive lick.

Cindy Hopes revenge

2020-10-10Nikki34:17 minutesAsses, Femdom, Lesbian
Cindy Hopes revenge 1
Cindy Hopes revenge 2

If you saw the clip where I worship Cindy Hope you will understand that she wanted to give it back to me. It's always the same the girls are little shy first, but when they realize my passion they always want to give it back to me! Well, Cindy knows exactly how to please a girl, she licks me to the orgasm for several times, look in my face and see my passion! She was so horny for my dirty cunt and shi ... tty asshole :)

Ass like honey

2020-10-10Nikki and Smiley12:16 minutesAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Ass like honey 1
Ass like honey 2

Smileys big ass tastes like honey ... you know how much I love to put my tongue in an delicious girls ass, so watch me licking all Smileys dirt from her yummy asshole. She hast to spit in my mouth, she was little shy with it but she has done it ... next time I want more spit, Princess Smiley :)

Licking dirty holes of a bitch

2020-10-10Nikki and Rachel Evans15:31 minutesAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Licking dirty holes of a bitch 1
Licking dirty holes of a bitch 2

You know that I become more perverted every year ... let's play a game: Princess Rachel Evans is a dirty bitch and I book her for 200 bucks to dominate me by her outstanding ass. Oh my god I am so much in love with her asshole, I give her the money and stick my tongue deep inside, I lick her asshole and her pussy clean. She spits from time to time in my mouth, and I lick and lick.

Ass full of spit

2020-10-10Nikki, Morgan Moon, and Rachel Evans15:37 minutesAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Ass full of spit 1
Ass full of spit 2

Well well maybe some of my fans will be shocked to see this. You know how cruel I am to man, but with sexy girls I also enjoy to be submissive! I wanted to realize my dreams finally :)

Well I booked 2 outstanding girls to spend a horny week with me on Madeira. Princess Rachel Evans is maybe the most beautiful girl I ever saw, her face is so cute and her ass is a dream. Piggishly I looked into her asshole and then I put my tongue inside and forgot the world :)

Lady Morgan Moon had to spit in my face and at Rachels asshole ... she was little shy but I slapped her pretty face really hard to make her angry, and then she spits right into my face! How horny! I changed the objects started to lick Morgans asshole and Princess Rachel was spitting in my mouth!

I think I am not really submissive but just a dirty pig horny for hot girls, and I am sure I will do it again and again!