Oil and tickling at the pool

2020-11-06Nikki and Rachel Evans11:30 minutesLesbian, Love, Tickling
Oil and tickling at the pool 1
Oil and tickling at the pool 2

Princess Rachel bounds me at the pool, keeps a lot of oil on my body and starts to tickle me. I am getting crazy but I can not escape! We wanted to shoot an tickling clip only but Rachel would not be Rachel if she would not play with my oiled pussy as well!

Can't get enough of the magic wand

2020-11-02Nikki and Rachel Evans19:41 minutesLesbian, Love, Orgasms
Can't get enough of the magic wand 1
Can't get enough of the magic wand 2

What a good idea of Rachel Evans to take this magic wand for our holidays. I have to use it once again! My orgasms (2 real orgasms) are so intensive and wet, you can see how wet my bed becomes! We use the magic wand and lick each other holes! What a perfect afternoon today! Enjoy and cum with me!

Two girls fun with oil

2020-10-30Nikki and Rachel Evans20:02 minutesFemdom, Lesbian, Love
Two girls fun with oil 1
Two girls fun with oil 2

Watch the preview pics and vids and you will have to buy this clip! Our bodys look so sexy shining full of oil. We keep liters of oil at each other and start rubbing our bodies on each other and kissing wild!

Trampling and tits fetish

2020-10-26Nikki and Rachel Evans19:00 minutesFemdom, Lesbian, Trampling
Trampling and tits fetish 1
Trampling and tits fetish 2

First Rachel walks on my body, I can feel all her weight on me, then she starts to worship my tits. My tits are very sensitive, so I enjoy when she licks my nipples, bites them or even pulls them !

Belly, armpits and ears

2020-10-23Nikki and Rachel Evans12:30 minutesEars, Femdom, Lesbian
Belly, armpits and ears 1
Belly, armpits and ears 2

I start to lick Rachels belly, oh my god it's so sexy, then I lick her armpits, maybe even better. Rachel gets so horny that she puts her tongue into my ear and lick it clean. Sure I do the same with her ears! I already told you we are crazy chicks, nothing is too pervert for us!

Magic wand and spit

2020-10-19Nikki and Rachel Evans16:55 minutesLesbian, Spitting, Orgasms
Magic wand and spit 1
Magic wand and spit 2

When I use a magic wand the orgasmus comes quick :) and if Princess Rachel is spitting in my face at the same time I can not hold myself and I am coming very intensive and wet. Princess Rachel uses the magic wand also at her pussy, so both of us have a amazing orgasm! Very explosive clip!

Biting beauties

2020-10-16Nikki and Rachel Evans15:50 minutesAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Biting beauties 1
Biting beauties 2

Me and Rachel we are so crazy chicks, normal sex is not enough for us, we always wanna try something new. We spoke the evenig before about biting, and now here we are. We bite each other everywhere on our beautiful bodies! At the end we behave like two wild !

Rachels spit and ass all for me

2020-10-13Nikki and Rachel Evans18:41 minutesAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Rachels spit and ass all for me 1
Rachels spit and ass all for me 2

Rachel Evans is so hot and I am always so horny when I shoot a lesbian clip with her. I use a mini vibrator on my clit while she is spitting in my face and mouth. Her spit tests so yummy and it makes me so horny because it is so dirty and humiliating. Then I wanna test also her asshole again, I put my tongue deep inside her asshole and play with my mini vibrator at the same time! Rachels ass is the best :)

Baras ass my banana paradise

2020-10-10Nikki19:01 minutesAsses, Face Sitting, Food Sex
Baras ass my banana paradise 1
Baras ass my banana paradise 2

O.k. I really enjoyed her spit and feet but now it is time for my favorite part of her body :) her ASS!!!!! Bara gives me some facesitting in her sexy jeans shorts first, and then she puts them down and I start to lick her perfect ass. Sure I do it my way the tongue deep inside her asshole :))). Then I take a banana, let her chew it, she puts it at her asshole and I eat it up! Ha ha how perverted I am?

Whipping the bitch

2020-10-10Nikki6:58 minutesFemdom, Lesbian, Whipping
Whipping the bitch 1
Whipping the bitch 2

My female bitch is here once again, so a take a whip and start whipping her so hard I can !

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