Back of Amira 03

2021-03-26Amira Andarah and Nikki23:01 minutesFemale Domination, Lesbian
Back of Amira 03 1
Back of Amira 03 2

It's another wish clip with a potencial to make us discover our new sexual sides. Wax games with our belly button, how sexy!

Back of Amira 02

2021-03-22Amira Andarah and Nikki18:56 minutesFemale Domination, Lesbian
Back of Amira 02 1
Back of Amira 02 2

If you watch all my clips you already know that me and Amira we have a fetish for some special body parts. Armpits, belly button and throat. It started with some wish clips we was first loughing about, but now we don't wanna miss this kind of sex!

Back of Amira 01

2021-03-19Amira Andarah and Nikki20:25 minutesAsses, Female Domination, Lesbian
Back of Amira 01 1
Back of Amira 01 2

Everybodys darling Princess Amira is back. Her ass becomes a little bit bigger, but I think now she looks even more sexy then ever. I am so hungry for this piece of meat! I put my tongue instantly deep inside her shty asshole. I am in heaven again! Then she gives me a revenge! What an ass licking orgy!

Princess Nikki and Empress Victoria throat massage 1
Princess Nikki and Empress Victoria throat massage 2

I love the long throat of Empress Victoria. I love to give her throat a long sensual massage. Watch the close ups of my handy worshipping her throat. At the end I lick Victorias throat very tender very sexy!

Tags: throat

Neomi throat and ears

2021-03-12Neomi and Nikki23:57 minutesEars, Female Domination, Lesbian
Neomi throat and ears 1
Neomi throat and ears 2

My new discovered fetish is throat fetish. I lick very sensual Neomis sexy throat and her little cute ears. Sure she is doing the same to me.

Tags: ears, throat

Neomi armpits and belly button

2021-03-08Neomi and Nikki17:12 minutesFemale Domination, Lesbian
Neomi armpits and belly button 1
Neomi armpits and belly button 2

My asshole is clean now, so it's time for some armpits and belly button licking. Neomis skin is so smooth so dark it's a pleasure to worship her belly button, her armpits smells so sweet. I know she will give me a horny revenge!

Neomi loves my ass

2021-03-05Neomi and Nikki13:03 minutesAsses, Female Domination, Lesbian
Neomi loves my ass 1
Neomi loves my ass 2

Today I am very excited because today I shoot with my best friend Neomi. Neomi will do what she is doing every day in private, she will lick my dirty asshole. This pretty dirty bitch would never stop to put her wet tongue in my asshole if she could!

Amanda Tampon ticklish feet love 1
Amanda Tampon ticklish feet love 2

It's time for Amanda to learn how to worship my Princesses feet! She is doing well, so ok, I will worship her sexy feet also. It is so funny, this beautie is so tiklish. I hold her feet tight under my arms and give her a solid tikling torture!

Amanda Tampon belly button, armpits and ears 1
Amanda Tampon belly button, armpits and ears 2

Lets play one of my favorite games again. Licking girls armpits, belly button and ears! Amanda is so shy and ticklish when I do all this to her. It was her first time for this kind of love, but I think she enjoyed this. She gave me a nice revenge. My belly needs a smooth girl tongue from time to time!

Amanda Tampon ass love

2021-02-22Amanda Black and Nikki15:20 minutesAsses, Female Domination, Lesbian
Amanda Tampon ass love 1
Amanda Tampon ass love 2

You already know that my hobby is to lick beautiful asses of young pretty girls like Amanda Tampon! I put my tongue so deep inside as I can, and sure Amanda gives it back to me! Ass love!