Amanda Tampon ticklish feet love 1
Amanda Tampon ticklish feet love 2

It's time for Amanda to learn how to worship my Princesses feet! She is doing well, so ok, I will worship her sexy feet also. It is so funny, this beautie is so tiklish. I hold her feet tight under my arms and give her a solid tikling torture!

Schlagworte: feet licking
Princess Nikki and Princess Tina in feet love 1
Princess Nikki and Princess Tina in feet love 2

Princess Tinas girly feet looks so cute especially when she wears her sexy flip-flops. Princess Nikki can't wait long, she has to start to lick like crazy Tinas feet, and sure Tina wants to revenge!

Me and Samantha Bantley crazy feet bitches 1
Me and Samantha Bantley crazy feet bitches 2

Me and Samantha Bantley worshipping each other dirty shoes and feet, or even fucking each other counts with our feet!

Schlagworte: feet licking

Me, Kates feet slave

27.11.2020Kate und Nikki20:29 MinutenFemale Domination, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
Me, Kates feet slave 1
Me, Kates feet slave 2

Lady Kate trains me to become a brainless feet slave of her. I have to lick her sexy feet, while she wears sexy stockings. She makes me gag with her feet deep in my filthy mouth. Finally she uses me as a carpet!

Schlagworte: feet licking

Cindy Hopes revenge

10.10.2020Nikki34:17 MinutenAsses, Femdom, Lesbian
Cindy Hopes revenge 1
Cindy Hopes revenge 2

If you saw the clip where I worship Cindy Hope you will understand that she wanted to give it back to me. It's always the same the girls are little shy first, but when they realize my passion they always want to give it back to me! Well, Cindy knows exactly how to please a girl, she licks me to the orgasm for several times, look in my face and see my passion! She was so horny for my dirty cunt and shi ... tty asshole :)

Schlagworte: feet licking

Foot lick and bite

10.10.2020Nikki und Smiley8:44 MinutenFemdom, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
Foot lick and bite 1
Foot lick and bite 2

Me and Princess Smiley we love to lick and bite each other feet! I can take her feet deep in my mouth like big cock ... so funny!

Schlagworte: feet licking
Licking Princess Rachel Feet 1
Licking Princess Rachel Feet 2

Not a big story in this clip, it's just me and Lady morgan Moon we became hot for the feet of Princess Rachel Evans and started to lick them clean. I think you can see how much pleasure I have worshipping so beautiful girls like Rachel Evans!

Schlagworte: feet licking
Spit spit spit in my pretty face 1
Spit spit spit in my pretty face 2

This clip is so hot, I did not know that I am such a dirty bitch. Lady Morgan Moon and Princess Rachel Evans cover my pretty face with yummy spit. It looks so disgusting but it makes me so horny, and when Princess Rachel puts my pants down and starts to play with my pussy I can not hold anymore: it's time for a real orgasm (no fake).

Schlagworte: feet licking

Toe by toe worship

10.10.2020Morgan Moon, Nikki und Rachel Evans13:29 MinutenFemdom, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
Toe by toe worship 1
Toe by toe worship 2

After little teasing on the billiard table the girls have to worship my feet toe by toe ... suck my toes like a small penis of your boyfriend bitch :) I know you prefer something bigger in your mouth, no problem I will fuck you with my whole feet ... and don't forget to lick my soles clean submissive bitches!

Schlagworte: feet licking

Foot party

10.10.2020Morgan Moon, Nikki und Rachel Evans11:20 MinutenFoot Fetish, Lesbian, Tickling
Foot party 1
Foot party 2

It is so much fun to play with girls feet. Me, Princess Rachel and Lady Morgan tickle and bite each others feet, we lick the soles and every toe one by one! I don't understand why some bitches wanna lick something so disgusting like mans cock insteed of girls toes? Some girls are strange!

Schlagworte: tickling, feet licking