Back of Amira 02

22.03.2021Amira Andarah und Nikki18:56 MinutenFemale Domination, Lesbian
Back of Amira 02 1
Back of Amira 02 2

If you watch all my clips you already know that me and Amira we have a fetish for some special body parts. Armpits, belly button and throat. It started with some wish clips we was first loughing about, but now we don't wanna miss this kind of sex!

My slave girl Angell Summers

08.01.2021Angell Summers und Nikki16:02 MinutenAsses, Face slapping, Spitting
My slave girl Angell Summers 1
My slave girl Angell Summers 2

Oh my god what a bitch! I can do almost everything with her: slap her face and tits (she even slaps herself) spit in her face, chuck her ... and sure she loves to lick my dirty asshole really deep! Yummy Yummy!!!

Me a tickling puppet for Smiley

28.12.2020Nikki und Smiley14:50 MinutenFemale Domination, Lesbian, Tickling
Me a tickling puppet for Smiley 1
Me a tickling puppet for Smiley 2

I am bound in the kitchen, and Princess Smiley is tickling me. I am going crazy ... then I have to lick her armpits and her belly!

Schlagworte: armpit, belly, tickling

Belly, armpits and ears

23.10.2020Nikki und Rachel Evans12:30 MinutenEars, Femdom, Lesbian
Belly, armpits and ears 1
Belly, armpits and ears 2

I start to lick Rachels belly, oh my god it's so sexy, then I lick her armpits, maybe even better. Rachel gets so horny that she puts her tongue into my ear and lick it clean. Sure I do the same with her ears! I already told you we are crazy chicks, nothing is too pervert for us!