Amira needs an orgasm today 1
Amira needs an orgasm today 2

Princess Amira needs an orgasm finally. So Nikki starts to lick her Princesses pussy. How yummy!

Schlagworte: pussy licking

Can't get enough of the magic wand

02.11.2020Nikki und Rachel Evans19:41 MinutenLesbian, Love, Orgasms
Can't get enough of the magic wand 1
Can't get enough of the magic wand 2

What a good idea of Rachel Evans to take this magic wand for our holidays. I have to use it once again! My orgasms (2 real orgasms) are so intensive and wet, you can see how wet my bed becomes! We use the magic wand and lick each other holes! What a perfect afternoon today! Enjoy and cum with me!

Magic wand and spit

19.10.2020Nikki und Rachel Evans16:55 MinutenLesbian, Spitting, Orgasms
Magic wand and spit 1
Magic wand and spit 2

When I use a magic wand the orgasmus comes quick :) and if Princess Rachel is spitting in my face at the same time I can not hold myself and I am coming very intensive and wet. Princess Rachel uses the magic wand also at her pussy, so both of us have a amazing orgasm! Very explosive clip!

Schlagworte: spitting, pussy, wand, orgasm
Spit spit spit in my pretty face 1
Spit spit spit in my pretty face 2

This clip is so hot, I did not know that I am such a dirty bitch. Lady Morgan Moon and Princess Rachel Evans cover my pretty face with yummy spit. It looks so disgusting but it makes me so horny, and when Princess Rachel puts my pants down and starts to play with my pussy I can not hold anymore: it's time for a real orgasm (no fake).

Schlagworte: feet licking