Perverted Pat my spitton

03.05.2021Nikki und Pat11:16 MinutenFace slapping, Female Domination, Spitting2021
Perverted Pat my spitton 1
Perverted Pat my spitton 2

Perverted Bitch Pet likes when I spit in her stupid bitch face, when I slap her face and her ass. So if you like it you will get it bitch!

My slave girl Angell Summers

08.01.2021Angell Summers und Nikki16:02 MinutenAsses, Face slapping, Spitting
My slave girl Angell Summers 1
My slave girl Angell Summers 2

Oh my god what a bitch! I can do almost everything with her: slap her face and tits (she even slaps herself) spit in her face, chuck her ... and sure she loves to lick my dirty asshole really deep! Yummy Yummy!!!

Face slapping female bitch

10.10.2020Nikki9:23 MinutenFace slapping, Femdom, Lesbian
Face slapping female bitch 1
Face slapping female bitch 2

This bitch, I don't remember her name, for what is just a female garbage for me, wrote me an e-mail, asking me if I could humiliate her in different ways. Oh yeas I can do! In the first clip I slap her face really hard for more then 9 minutes and talk with her like with a piece of sh.t wich she is!

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