Magic wand and spit

19.10.2020Nikki und Rachel Evans16:55 MinutenLesbian, Spitting, Orgasms
Magic wand and spit 1
Magic wand and spit 2

When I use a magic wand the orgasmus comes quick :) and if Princess Rachel is spitting in my face at the same time I can not hold myself and I am coming very intensive and wet. Princess Rachel uses the magic wand also at her pussy, so both of us have a amazing orgasm! Very explosive clip!

Schlagworte: spitting, pussy, wand, orgasm

Biting beauties

16.10.2020Nikki und Rachel Evans15:50 MinutenAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Biting beauties 1
Biting beauties 2

Me and Rachel we are so crazy chicks, normal sex is not enough for us, we always wanna try something new. We spoke the evenig before about biting, and now here we are. We bite each other everywhere on our beautiful bodies! At the end we behave like two wild !

Schlagworte: ass licking, biting

Rachels spit and ass all for me

13.10.2020Nikki und Rachel Evans18:41 MinutenAsses, Lesbian, Spitting
Rachels spit and ass all for me 1
Rachels spit and ass all for me 2

Rachel Evans is so hot and I am always so horny when I shoot a lesbian clip with her. I use a mini vibrator on my clit while she is spitting in my face and mouth. Her spit tests so yummy and it makes me so horny because it is so dirty and humiliating. Then I wanna test also her asshole again, I put my tongue deep inside her asshole and play with my mini vibrator at the same time! Rachels ass is the best :)

Baras ass my banana paradise

10.10.2020Nikki19:01 MinutenAsses, Face Sitting, Food Sex
Baras ass my banana paradise 1
Baras ass my banana paradise 2

O.k. I really enjoyed her spit and feet but now it is time for my favorite part of her body :) her ASS!!!!! Bara gives me some facesitting in her sexy jeans shorts first, and then she puts them down and I start to lick her perfect ass. Sure I do it my way the tongue deep inside her asshole :))). Then I take a banana, let her chew it, she puts it at her asshole and I eat it up! Ha ha how perverted I am?

Whipping the bitch

10.10.2020Nikki6:58 MinutenFemdom, Lesbian, Whipping
Whipping the bitch 1
Whipping the bitch 2

My female bitch is here once again, so a take a whip and start whipping her so hard I can !

Schlagworte: whipping

Female bitch licking my yummy spit

10.10.2020Nikki9:55 MinutenFemdom, Lesbian, Spitting
Female bitch licking my yummy spit 1
Female bitch licking my yummy spit 2

I am walking around the appartment spitting anywhere and my bitch girl licks up my spit. I spit on the window and sha has to lick my spit from the window. So many spit makes this bitch horny, but she can never have sex with me :)

Schlagworte: spitting

Face slapping female bitch

10.10.2020Nikki9:23 MinutenFace slapping, Femdom, Lesbian
Face slapping female bitch 1
Face slapping female bitch 2

This bitch, I don't remember her name, for what is just a female garbage for me, wrote me an e-mail, asking me if I could humiliate her in different ways. Oh yeas I can do! In the first clip I slap her face really hard for more then 9 minutes and talk with her like with a piece of sh.t wich she is!

Schlagworte: face slapping

Me worshipping Princess Amiras sexy ass

10.10.2020Amira Andara und Nikki15:51 MinutenAsses, Femdom, Lesbian
Me worshipping Princess Amiras sexy ass 1
Me worshipping Princess Amiras sexy ass 2

Princess Amira is such a sexy chick I love to put my tongue deep in her shi..tty asshole :) I am sure you would love to be in my place :)

Schlagworte: ass licking
Princess feet worshipped by the bitch 1
Princess feet worshipped by the bitch 2

Stupid bitch is licking my feet clean, I spit in her ugly face and mouth, that is all girls like her deserve!

Schlagworte: foot licking, spitting

Me worshipping Baras feet

10.10.2020Nikki12:03 MinutenFemdom, Foot Fetish, Lesbian
Me worshipping Baras feet 1
Me worshipping Baras feet 2

Princess Bara puts her feet on my brests while I lay down under her! I start to smell her feet first, then I lick them clean first the soles and then all the toes, toe by toe.

Schlagworte: foot licking